A burst of nature, the smell of the burdock root along with almond oil together dispenses an aroma of autumn wet leaves. The red clay gives the herbal butter  the earthy color. The astringent properties aids to restore skin cells as it tightens the skin. Fights to remove impurities that are on the skin. It glides on the skin with a silky feel, the formula is rich with minerals and antioxidants, helps to reduce scar appearance  for a healthier, more clear skin complexion. 






Reverses sun damage

UV defense

Non comedogenic 

Improves facial wrinkles

Improves elasticity

Removes age spots

Imparts a natural skin glow

Improves acne

Treats dry skin

Increases collagen




Contains: Almond oil, kokum butter, burdock root, red clay, arrow root


Color may vary, depends on the region in which the herb was grown and harvested

Sweet Earth Herbal Body Butter (4 oz)

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  • 2.56"Height x 2.24" Diameter, 4 oz clear round glass jar

  • Always  test a small amount on the inside of the wrist for sensitivity. Start with a small finger tip amount, rub in the palms of your hands, gradually rub over the body, add more as needed.  Apply cream to damp skin for more moisture, remember a little goes a long way.  Formulated with natural preservatives, refrigeration is suggested for longer shelf life.