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Meet the CEO & Co Founder

Mother and daughter both natives of Massachusetts, we’ll tell you how we got started. Well, one day we decided to change our eating pattern, for two reasons, for a healthier life, and for the love of animals. We didn’t realize that food had such an impact on the body until we became vegetarians. And as far as loving animals; we struggled for years as we ate them, to say the least. As we embraced our new lifestyle we began to study and grow herbs, while we made medicines. The herbs proved to reverse sickness, and chronic illnesses in my household including my cat. (Missy) The strengths of herbs continue to amaze us during the course of expanding our apothecary. I decided not to use any more man-made chemicals on my body, I knew that this meant that I had to make my own toiletries, and body moisturizers. Since I was making it only for myself there was no pressure or wrong way. Pebbles enjoyed the moisturizers so much that she said to me “You need to introduce this to the world” I laughed as I accepted a compliment, I didn’t know that she was serious. However, the results from the blends of earth materials, herbs and agricultures, have shown tremendous positive effects, for our skin and our friends and family’s skin. Well, I’m not  laughing anymore, Pebbles was right, it is liberating to actually speak to the community and know that we have a shared purpose. Our skin care is now sold in Massachusetts, Montclair NJ, and Baton Rouge LA. 

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